If you have a barn, you can get paid for doing nothing

If you have a barn, you can get paid for doing nothing

If there is something that the pandemic year has left us all, it has been the need to reinvent ourselves and the ingenuity to find new ways to generate income. How can you get paid for doing nothing if you have a barn?

Lately, there have been job offers and promotions to make money with almost no effort or doing something you like to do, but this time, Busch Beer wants to pay you without having to do anything at all.

Have a barn or shed? Love Busch?

“Instead of billboards, we want to pay folks to advertise on barns, sheds, or other freestanding structures,” says the company’s social media accounts.

 If you have a barn or any other place you think can fit what they are looking for, you can apply now at Busch.com/Barns and if chosen, you'll get a $5,000 sponsorship and a new paint job for your barn or shed.

All you need to do when you hit the site is fill in a form with your personal information and tell Busch Beer about your barn or other freestanding structure.

You will need to describe the freestanding structure that is available for branding in detail, including the type of structure, the size of the surface that will be branded, the type of surface (wood, vinyl, etc.), and any details on the location and visibility of the structure to the public.

If you choose to, you can upload a picture of the structure.

You can get paid if you have a freestanding structure that is available for branding

The initiative comes at the same time that the beer company is helping to raise funds to support American farmers in need.

The brewery has launched a limited-edition Busch Light beer, dubbed Corn Cans, and the bright-yellow rebranding is a show of support to the nonprofit organization Farm Rescue.

For every case sold in select states,  Bush will be donating up to $100K to Farm Rescue to support struggling American farmers.

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