If you dare, you can get paid $ 1,666 for listening to true crime podcasts

If you are a fan of real crime podcasts like Motive for Murder, Crime Junkie, Dateline, or Serial, and you are used to listening to the entire series in a matter of days, this "job" can be too good to be true.  

According to Thrillist, home security company Vio Security will pay you a lot of cash for doing something that you could happily do for free.

"Upstanding detective or criminal mastermind, true crime lover or adept podcatcher, scaredy-cat, or 'final girl' - if you have a taste for the macabre, Vio Security is looking for a who that knows whodunit," the company said in its job listing. "This Halloween, we're shelling out $ 1,666 for one crafty crime buff to listen to 31 hours of the top true crime podcasts. Think you could handle it?" 

This company will pay you to listen to true crime podcasts during the month of Halloween and has already put together a list of approved podcasts that includes Motive for Murder, Crime Junkie, Dateline, and Serial.

Although you can listen to the episodes you choose, there are two requirements: You must tune in to each podcast at least once and listen to it for at least 31 hours.

"Are you a true crime junkie? Earn $ 1,666 (if you dare!). Show us how much of a true-crime mastermind you are by cracking the code & listening to some True Crime Podcasts!” adds another post on Instagram.⠀

After listening to the podcasts, you will have to answer a series of related questions, specifically about how these true crime podcasts make you feel afterward.

But to be sure that everything will work out, the company will do everything possible to make you feel safe and, in addition to those $ 1,666, the chosen candidate will get a heart rate monitor, door locking mechanism, access to an application safety device, flashlight, whistle, and wireless headphones.

To apply, you will need to complete the application and submit a 200-character personal essay, stating why you are the candidate, or as Vio says, "the softest criminal".

You will also have to answer questions about how you celebrate Halloween, how often you listen to podcasts, and what true crime stories keep you up at night.

Submissions for the job close Monday, October 19 at 12 PM MT so you'd better hurry if you don't want to lose this chance.

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