If you are you looking for a job, these companies could be the answer

In this very particular year, in which the consumption habits of Americans have shifted towards online shopping, due to closures and fear of contagion, companies are having to prepare to face the best-selling time of the year. What are retailers doing to face the new trends?

Although a huge number of companies have been hurt by closures and changes in American consumption habits, there are other firms for which the shift towards online shopping has been a great advantage. Some of these companies plan to hire more than 100,000 new workers

For this reason, if you are looking for a job, you might want to send your applications to one (or all) of these companies.


Target is gearing up for the winter season by increasing its team of workers as it expects to see an increase in contactless shopping in the coming months.

The retailer announced that it plans to hire 130,000 employees, in order to double the number of team members dedicated to collecting orders and driving, compared to last year.

Like other retailers, Target has seen a shift toward e-commerce during the first half of fiscal 2020, when more than 10 million new customers bought from its website. 

Demand for its same-day options, which are purchased online, quadrupled.

To face this, Target's distribution centers will hire more seasonal workers, but there will also be additional employees in stores to focus on safety, cleanliness, and to welcome customers.

Target CEO Brian Cornell said his approach to staffing and serving customers during the holidays will emphasize flexibility, an issue all retailers have had to embrace as the pandemic shakes the way Americans are buying.

Cornell said he expects "certain trends from earlier this year to continue into the holiday season," such as customers wanting to feel safe in stores and looking for a good price.

In 2018, Target hired 120,000 workers during the holiday season, and according to the company, more than 40 percent of those new hires stayed at Target after the holiday season ended.

To apply for a job at Target you can go to the company's website.


As it anticipates more holiday shopping to shift online, Walmart said it will hire 20,000 seasonal employees to help pack and ship online purchases at its fulfillment centers.  

According to CNBC, it marks the first time in five years that the retailer has announced significant holiday hiring, even though since March, it has hired more than 500,000 employees across its U.S. stores and supply chain. 

Though it shared few details about specific offers, Walmart said it will stretch Black Friday sales throughout the holiday season and have more deals online, to avoid the risks of crowding people in a single day at stores.

Walmart said it anticipates that many trends that began during the pandemic may continue or intensify. For example, it said, people’s holiday wish lists may reflect their new and simpler routines, including comfortable clothes or entertainment ítems.


According to CBC, Gap Inc. announced plans to hire part-time workers before the holiday season begins to help with online orders and staff its call centers. 

“We know the holiday season will be different this year and are committed to helping our teams provide our loyal customers with a safe and seamless shopping experience for all their gifting needs,” said Sheila Peters, head of Gap’s people and culture. 

Like many other retailers, Gap said it is expecting an increase in its digital business. This has been the trend for the last months when social distancing has been a must and clients are expected to continue the habit as the pandemic drags on.

 Gap is also looking for extra staffing for its contact-free services, like a curbside pickup. 

People hired for its customer call center will be allowed to work remotely during the coronavirus pandemic and ts fulfillment center workers will also be able to choose which hours to work.

This year, Gap won’t be hosting a job fair to recruit holiday workers but will put applicants online, where job seekers can apply in less than three minutes. 


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