How to use Amazon to earn money

How to use Amazon to earn money

Lately, Amazon has considerably improved its platform and possibilities, so it has become a great way to earn money by selling products without having to pay a lot for a warehouse or having to deal with logistics.

For many years, Amazon has been the preferred option for anyone buying or selling items online,  but with time, the platform has changed and they have realesed new services for its users. One of the most innovative services allows small business or individuals to actually professionalize their online selling game.

Here's how it works: 

Amazon FBA
FBA (that stands for Fulfillment By Amazon) is, essentially, the way Amazon handles storage and shipping of the products you sell. This way, you handle the sale, they handle the rest. FBA allows small business and individuals to optimize their resources so it is a lot easier to start. 

This also means that if you need to track a parcel o return an item, Amazon will also handle that. You will save a lot of time and effort that you can now use to make your business grow.

Get Started

To begin enjoying the many advantages of Amazon FBA, there are certain steps you need to follow:

1-    Chose the product you would like to sell – try to avoid trendy items that will soon be forgotten in order to keep your product in demand for longer.

2-    Find a manufacturer that can sell it – there are many websites that will allow you to but high quantities of a single item at a discounted rate. Thought there are many, many options for you to explore, the most popular one is Alibaba.

3-    Buy that item in bulk – As we mentioned in the previous item, Alibaba and many other websites will allow you to purchase in bulk so you save money and can make a difference when selling.

4-    Arrange the product to be delivered to an Amazon Fulfillment Center – There is no need for you to have the items delivered to you and then having to get them to Amazon. You can directly provide a Fulfillment Center address and have products delivered there, you don’t even have to see them!

5-    Create the listing for your product on Amazon – use your marketing head to advertise and promote your products in a creative and attractive way and keep your listings updated. Don’t be afraid to try different things to improve your sales.

6-    Wait for a buyer – you’ll see that in no time you have people buying your products!

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