Learn the key points to switch careers in your 30s

Learn the key points to switch careers in your 30s

If you are feeling overwhelmed and are thinking about changing your career but don't have the courage to do so, take a look at this guide! It will help you organize your thoughts and make a decision.

People usually say that when you turn 30 you are all set to become a real adult. As you approach your 30's you will probably start to deal with issues like saving for retirement, buying a house and developing your career more seriously.

What also happens when you change to this decade is that you start analyzing if you are actually happy with your career, and this means that if you aren't, you have time to change.

Take a look at this guide and overcome the fears of starting a new career. You are an adult now, what are you waiting to be happy?

Why do you want to switch careers?

The first thing you will need to do is to figure out the reasons why you want to switch careers. Have you changed your interests? You no longer enjoy your current industry? Want a 180º change? Explain why!

Defining this will help you figure out what you are exactly looking for in a new career and set your priorities.

Learn the key points to switch careers in your 30s

What's holding you back?

Most people think that changing your career in your 30s is a risky decision that will take you too much work. However, it's never too late to explore a new field.

Check out what's holding you back, which are those barriers that aren't allowing you to change. Break down those fears and think about what life would be like if you could begin a new career.

Once you've made up your mind and have fully decided that you want to change careers, it's time to decide what you want to do.

You should analyze some factors in particular while doing your research: required education or experience, costs to obtain credentials, job prospects, possible income and benefits, etc. These factors will help you determine how huge your change is going to be and how much time you should destine to it to happen.

How to enter your new industry

Nowadays, networking is essential, no matter your career. So, make sure your family, friends and colleagues know about your career shift and remind them to keep an eye on opportunities that they may come across.

Make sure you start attending local networking events or meetups to get to know other people from your new career field and update your LinkedIn profile with your new skills and goals.

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