How to start an Amazon business

Either as an entrepreneur or as a retailer, you can make the most of Amazon's marketplace. You can start your own business from the comfort of your home!

Amazon FBA - “Fulfillment By Amazon”- is a great tool that gives lots of opportunities to sellers. You can sell almost any kind of product through this marketplace, but you have to be wise enough to find the right one. If you're looking for items to resell, try to focus on everyday articles that have a constant demand, or original design items that stand out above others. This option has its risks, as you're offering something different, but if you play your cards well you may earn a lot of money. 

By signing up in Amazon FBA, you’ll get lots of benefits that come with this platform's popularity. In the first place, you'll be part of a marketplace that has huge daily traffic in many countries. At the same time, your product can be delivered anywhere thanks to Amazon's logistics. Additionally, as people connect Amazon's name with a trustful source, your product will also fall into this category just because it's published there. 

As a reseller, you don't need to store your items at home or at a rented warehouse. You can deliver them directly from your provider's address to Amazon's store. FBA handles the storage and the shipping of the products to the buyers. You don't have to deal with this onerous task and you don't even have to worry about the shipping!

Once you've picked a product that you want to sell, and you've found the manufacturer or supplier with the best wholesale price, you can start your retail business. Take into consideration that Amazon has some requirements: the products need to arrive packaged and labeled. You can handle it with your supplier or you can use a third-party. You can even buy white-label products and rebrand them. That works for almost any item. 

Your supplier can be anywhere in the world, but you need to deliver the items to Amazon's fulfillment centers. For this, you’ll likely want to use UPS, which is the Amazon Partnered Carrier. You’ll need to prepay for your delivery and get a shipment ID and PDF label. The PDF should be passed to the freight forward, and from here it will be attached to the cartons that they use for shipment.

You should also create an Amazon professional account. Just follow their instructions to list your products! Sign in to the homepage, find the inventory tab, click “Add a Product” and then “Create New Product Listing.” Try to upload professional pictures of the products and a proper description. Use keywords and find attributes that make your products stand out above others. Then, you need to fill out other blankets in order to finish your list. 

Start selling by adding other online strategies, like posting your products’ links on social media

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