How to make money with phone apps

Have you ever you could be making money from your couch? Is it possible to earn some extra money without even leaving your house? The answer is yes! Use this guide to learn how to make money with your phone.

Everybody thought that making money from a computer was never going to be possible, but they were wrong! Now, can you make money with your phone? Of course you can! You just have to learn how.

The best thing about making money this way is that it's quick, easy and even "passive". You can earn a few dollars just for tapping your phone!

Take note of the following Make Money apps and start earning money!

1. Pay to play

Some games will pay you to play!

The key to these types of apps is in displaying advertisements.

Lots of mobile games earn money with this type of ad. The thing is that advertisers pay more or less depending on how many people are playing the game in which the advert is being displayed.

So, in order to grant a higher amount of players - and earn more money - the mobile game developer will pay people to enter the app and play the game.

This is a method in which everybody wins: The ad gets displayed and seen by many people, the game developer gets his money and you get to earn a few dollars just for playing!

Interested? You can find some of these games at Mistplay.

2. Surveys

These kinds of apps pay people to fill out some questions.

It's easy: Companies want to know what you think about certain new products. They want to make sure that their audiences will like it once they are released to the public, so they pay you to somehow test it.

Spending billions of dollars in a product release and then learning that their target audience doesn't like it can lead to disaster. So, they spend a little less money on market research by using paid surveys.

Searching for these kinds of apps may be intense, but you can easily find them with survey sites like Swagbucks. These sites collect different surveys, you just have to sign up and choose in which one you want to participating.

3. Casino Apps

As clear as it sounds! These apps let you earn money by playing Casino games, such as roulette or poker.

In this case, we are talking about gambling. You pay an amount of money to play and, depending on your luck, you may end up winning plenty of money...or none!

Bear in mind that Casino Apps works exactly the same as traditional casinos, so you may end up actually losing money. It all depends on knowing when to stop.

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