How to make money selling videos online How to make money selling videos online

How to make money selling videos online

If you are good at  recording videos on your phone and need some extra cash, here is an idea for you to make some money while you do something you enjoy, 

Unlike what you might think, overproduced videos hardly ever get to go viral. This is good news because it means that most of the videos you already have on your phone have a greater chance of success.

What videos can you sell?

Some video categories that are popular, and that you could choose to record are hot political topics, incredible weather conditions, human rights and controversial topics, and even funny home videos.

The last type may be the easiest to film since it doesn’t involve the risk recording a tsunami would (for example) or the chance of being a witness to important political moments.

Where can you sell them?

For an important broadcasting network to contact you, you need to already be famous. So your best option is to sell your videos to platforms like Newsflare and Rumble where the registration process is very simple. Their clientele includes popular websites such as Yahoo, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Associated Press and a plethora of other smaller networks.

How much money can you make?

Viral videos have the possibility to earn a lot of money, but it’s a combination of luck and quality that will determine your future success. Obviously, someone has to like your content enough to give it a chance, but once that happens, there’s unlimited potential to the income you can generate.

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