How to make money on social media as an influencer

There are a lot of ways to stand out on social media, but it doesn't necessarily mean that money will show up soon. If you'd like to earn some money as an influencer, you'll need time and some effort.

The first thing that you should take into consideration is that you need to make a character out of you, either by using a nickname or your birth name. You'll need to see which your skills are and in which field you feel more comfortable. As a social media influencer, you'll have to create content regularly, so it's better if you know what you're talking about. On the other hand, you'll need to find your style; what makes you unique in this area. You'll need to attract and keep a relevant audience. 

You’ve got many different options when it comes to creating a profile on social media. You can write a blog and post pictures with relevant information, or you can have your own Youtube channel and post videos. If you don't feel comfortable with the video format, you can open an account on Instagram or Facebook, and make the best of your photographs and posts. Take into consideration that it takes a lot of work to fill any of these accounts with new content every day.

Once you've built your channel or your profile, you'll need to get followers. You may start inviting your friends and family, but you need to make an extra effort if you really want to stand out. You need to work on searching for new followers on social media, and you may also need to invest some money in order to get a bigger audience in a short-term period. 

After you’ve managed to get an interesting number of followers, you can start to monetize your work as a social media influencer. If you've got a blog, a YouTube channel, or an Instagram account, you can advertising products for different brands that may be interested in gaining your audience's attention. 

You can also sell sponsored posts or videos to brands that are willing to look associated with your character, or your social media profile. You can post lots of contents wearing brand clothes, eating in your sponsor's restaurant or showing the sponsor's hotel. And you can even get free vouchers as parts of the payments!

Some social media influencers achieve such popularity that they earn good money outside the internet. They are invited to participate in events and they get paid for it just by showing up for a couple of hours or by speaking in front of their fans and followers. They are a small minority of this community, and surely they've got there after spending a lot of work and money to build themselves as influencers.

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