How to make money on Facebook

We spend a huge part of our day on social media. It’s time to take things to another level and start making some money! Read on to learn how to make money on Facebook.   

Social media is the tool we all use to stay in touch with friends and family, read the news or see what our favorite artist is up to. But they are also places where we can make money. Let’s see 5 highly effective ways in which you can make money on Facebook:

How to make money on Facebook

1. Generate traffic

One of the easiest ways of making money with Facebook is by generating traffic to your own blog. You can share your articles on Facebook, but there’s actually a strategy you can try: if a shared post does well, you can turn it into a paid ad to drive even more traffic to your blog. Some people are making $1,000 per months just from Facebook traffic.

2. Manage Ads

As Facebook has millions of users around the word, ads are a big part of their business. You can take a Facebook ads course and if you do not have a product of your own to sell, you can manage ads for different brands and make a living out of it. Some people are making between $2,000 to $5,000 a month just by managing Facebook ads.

3. Manage groups

Facebook groups are a very important tool for online business owners. The only problem is that managing a group can be really time consuming, so many owners don’t have the time to do it. Good news for you, because many owners hire moderators to manage their groups. If you manage enough groups, you can make a lot of money.

4. Sell your own product

Facebook is a great place to find customers. You can sell your products or services on their platform directly without the need to redirect them to a different website or blog. There are many people that create a business strategy on Facebook and manage to get direct customers there. This is a great adding to your client base.

Sell on Marketplace

5. Sell on Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell a huge variety of items, whether they are used or new. The great thing about selling on Marketplace is that there are no fees, and also there’s less spam than other online selling platforms, because people use their personal profiles to buy and sell.

These are just 5 of the many amazing ways you have to make money on Facebook. Try them all out and find the one that works for you!

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