How to make a video resume to help you get the right job

Making a video resume is a different process from designing a resume or writing a cover letter. It requires stage preparation and technical skills, such as visual storytelling and editing. These are the secrets to making a video resume.

1. Write a script

In this first step, make a plan for what you want the video to look like. If you incorporate action, write out each step of the video so you understand its chronology.

In addition to what the video looks like, you should also outline what you want to say and how you want to sound and use strong action verbs y to increase the impact of your words.

2. Prepare a filming space

If you have shots of you sitting and speaking directly to the camera, set up a place with a neutral background and attractive lighting. 

3. Set up a recording device

Choose a recording device that can capture high-quality images and audio to ensure both your image and speech are clear. Set the recording device adequately to capture your face and shoulders and make sure your whole profile is in the frame. 

4. Record several takes

Record your video several times so you are able to select the best takes. Use different expressions and vocal tones so you can choose which makes you look more comfortable and professional.

5. Edit the video

To compile the video, you can use editing software or an application that allows you to cut, organize and save videos. Some smartphones, computers and tablets include video editing capabilities.

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