"How to get free money by doing amazon reviews"

Tommy Bryson shares everything you need to know to achieve financial success.


About his video:

"How to get free money by doing amazon reviews, I’m talking about maybe 100-300 bucks a day which isn’t so bad if you ask me. 

How does it work:

Example: Its basically product testing, and whenever you review the products it helps the item climb the rank on Amazon. 

Story: So imagine this: 

- I go to extreme rebate and find some items I like. 

- I request testing.

- I wait.

- Then accept and them I order the item, and once I have the item they will send me a rebate.

- Make sure you leave a good review.

Ps: Once you sign up with my link, you get 5 free requests for whatever items you want, and you get a special sticker that shows that you can be trusted ��


You get items for free. 

Customer service is very responsive.  

New items added every day.

On top of that they do iPhone Giveaways, which is cool ( but IDK about the odds).

Very easy to use website and process, if I can do it then you can definitely do it. 

They don’t force you to do reviews, but it does help your account. 


Tax Price changes sometimes.

Paypal fee.

Not the most crazy items you know.

Amazon takes a few days to review your review to make sure you’re a real person.

You need some initial cash to buy the item and then get the rebate.

*BTW initially you'll need cash to purchase the first items* 


1. Highly recommend you have amazon prime, that way you get items fast and money fast ( student membership is 60 bucks or 120 normal).

People sell student emails and ids on eBay lol.

2. Remember its amazon: you can always return the product so need to be scared.

3 ways to do it: Keep, resell, or Gift.

Keep Story: I always by dumb stuff on amazon and give myself a 60 dollar budget a week, so every item I get from extreme rebate I just keep and I also keep my 60 bucks since it's free.

Example: I bought Cloth hangers bro and got a rebate and got the items for free.

- I've been looking for boxers and socks also.


Story: if you're getting items for nearly free it means you can grab them for a 90% discount on average and resell them for 50%-100% and get paid.

Example: I bought some lights for my house, and the landowner paid $60 for them, but I got them for free. 

- Items I bought and break down in price.


Story: My mom and sister needed headphones, so I got them free ones lol. It's our secret."

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