How can you start your own business doing something you would usually do for free?

If your friends and family members say you are very good at something and are often asking you to do that for them, you could turn your talent into a great side gig for you. How can you start your own business doing something you would usually do for free?

2020 was a year in which many of us, due to the lockdown, layoffs, or the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, had to find new ways to generate income. If you want to start your own business, doing something you love to do, here are five great ideas.

Personal Shopper

Sometimes, you’ll help clients put together a polished look for special events, while other times you may assist them with a new seasonal wardrobe.

Are you the person that accompanies your friends to shop for clothes? Are you always giving others fashion tips? Do you like helping them pick out clothes and put together outfits? Many people would be happy to pay for that.

A personal shopper is someone who helps others shop by giving advice and making suggestions. You can get hired directly by individual clients or through department stores and boutiques. If you love shopping and choosing clothes this is an amazing option for you.

Freelance Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist

Everybody loves the way you do their hair or makeup. You probably are asked to help your friends every time there is an important event. So why not start a side hustle doing this?

If you work as a freelance hairstylist or makeup artist, you’ll help your clients look their best before a special event like a wedding or photoshoot. You’ll likely have to go to their home, hotel, or another location, bring all of your makeup or hair items and help them look fabulous.

House Sitter

If you usually take care of your friends’ plants and homes while they travel, you already know what house-sitting is about.

When you house sit for someone, you may collect mail, water plants, feed pets, forward phone messages, and do anything else that assures them that their house is being maintained and protected while they’re away. It’s just like doing your friends and family a favor, but clients will pay you for it.

Event Planner

If putting up the Christmas tree, or decorating the house for Haloween is something you enjoy, an event planning side hustle may be the way to go. But decorations are only a part of it. You’ll need to get familiar with catering services, DJs, and photographers. You can plan birthday parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations, corporate meetings, and other special events, and earn a lot of money if you become popular.

Start a Home Bakery

With a home bakery, you can unleash your inner creativity, bake your favorite treats and sell them to others

You’ve been preparing birthday party cakes and St Valentine’s cookies for free for so long, that you probably don’t even think you could make money this way. But if you already have some baking expertise, this may be the ultimate side hustle. You can and sell your goods locally or online to make some extra cash.


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