How to create your blog with WordPress

Starting a blog isn’t as hard as it seems, especially considering its great monetizing possibilities. Try WordPress and make the most of your blog in no time!

A blog is different from a physical store in many ways, but one of the most important is the fact that a blog is on the web. People can only access it online, as long as you’ve found and bought a space in the net to host your blog. There are two elements to achieve this: a domain name and a hosting account.

Your domain name or URL will be what people need to type in order to be directed to your website. If the one you wanted has already been taken, you’ll need to look for another one. It’s up to you whether you want the domain name of your blog to be its name, its topic, or a random title. However, you should consider how you want people to reach your blog and get a domain name that will facilitate it.

Remember that your audience will be the key to monetize a blog!

A hosting account offers you storage for your files on the web. It’s a server that will always be online and where you’ll be able to upload files for your blog. These can be videos, images, codes, etc.

You can find a hosting account and a domain name with the help of a hosting provider, which will sell you these two elements together. They’ll already be linked and you’ll have less work to do. The only thing you’ll need to do is sit down and research the perfect provider for you! Each of them offers a certain space, speed, and support, so you’ll have to carefully check which one fits you the best.

WordPress is a blogging tool that has helped many bloggers and website builders in their journeys. It provides you the framework for you to build your blog by choosing the best design and the features you need, as well as helping you in the management afterward. If you’re going for a professional blog, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s very easy to add, edit, and remove the content you upload, whether it’s pictures or posts. You can check how friendly your website will be for your future readers by looking at some sites that were built using WordPress, such as Forbes and The Verge. Your blog will be ready in no time and you can start making money right after you’ve created it!

You can use your new blog for marketing. Learn all about it with this business blogging course!

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