How to choose the best job for you How to choose the best job for you

How to choose the best job for you

What you do for a living doesn’t only take up 40 hours of your week, but also defines you as a person. If possible, choose where and what you’ll be working as.

“Find the job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. That’s the saying that should guide your job-hunt. You’ll spend a lot of hours working, so it would be ideal if you were doing something you love and have passion for.

If the prospect of a full-time job makes you unhappy, don’t worry! There’s always the possibility to apply for part-time or flexible jobs. You’ll find many different platforms online where you can apply for such positions, like Flexjobs.

It’s also possible that you’re not looking forward to working in the career field where you got your degree in. Keep in mind that the skills you’ve learned in college can come in handy in many areas. As an English major, you can do research, teach, or do administrative work.

A way to get a taste of what a job would be like is to volunteer as such. There are a lot of educational programs, animal shelters and other non-profit organizations who would also profit from your participation! It’s much easier to become a part of them than searching for a job position to “try how it’d feel”.

You can also explore new hobbies when looking for a job. This would expand your interests and you may find a new talent! Almost any activity that you do in your free time can be another source for a new job position.

Taking a class can work on the same lines as finding a new hobby. It helps you develop new skills and interests, and will surely look good on your resume! You can try as many as you want and quit those that don’t work for you without big drawbacks.

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