The guide to building your brand on Instagram

The guide to building your brand on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social network apps nowadays and it is actually a business for many influencers who make a living by posting a photo. Although this might seem like a dream job for just about anyone, there is actually more to Instagram that we’d like to share with you. Plus, find out how to boost your sales using Instagram stories!  


It is not only a matter of how many followers you have, because the number is pretty meaningless if your content is not engaging your audience. Sponsors would rather spend their money on an Instagram profile that has a lot of interaction with the public, even if the number of followers is not as high as some other accounts with less interaction.

1. Where to start?

Sometimes it looks like it is really hard to do something innovative and different from any other thing that you see out there, but there is a way to stand out: brand image. You need to answer three questions: What am I selling? Who am I selling it to? How am I going to sell it? 

Back in the day, the focus was placed almost exclusively on the product. But then a lot of brands appeared and gained market, so those who wanted to survive and grow needed to stand out. How? By shifting the focus to the consumer. And the consumer is, on Instagram, your followers.

It doesn’t really matter if you are not selling a product. What you are selling, though, is an idea. A lifestyle. Something to aspire to. You are selling a dream. This is your starting point. Whether it’s your fashion taste, your fit body or your cooking skills, you need to engage your audience with the content you create so they feel they can achieve that, too.

2. So…how about making money?

To get the ball rolling, you need to gain sponsors. If your audience is engaged and your content has a high interaction level, this is what you’ll sell to get them to sponsor you. And they will pay you to advertise their product in the most natural way possible.

And by interaction we don’t mean “likes” alone, anyone can double tap a screen. We mean comments. We mean saving posts. We mean real people showing real interest on your feed. The one big thing you need to always keep in mind is that if a company is sponsoring you, you probably should keep your most controversial opinions to yourself to avoid them from withdrawing their sponsorship.

3. What’s next?

Once you’ve got your audience and your sponsors, you need to keep the energy flowing: create engaging posts, try new things to keep it interesting and you can even go one step beyond: create your own products.

You can team up with different start-ups or entrepreneurs and create a product for you to sell together with the image you are already monetarizing. 
This way, your earnings will increase and you’ll be on a serious business run to keep you income coming inside and outside Instagram.


Like we said at the beginning of this article, social networks are great allies for spreading the word about your business, you just have to learn how to use them. Take a look at the best ways to use Instagram stories to increase yours sales.

In the last decade, companies have added social networks to their marketing and sales strategies. They use them as a tool to increase audiences, boost sales or launch a new product. So, if you have a business, you definitely have to promote it in these platforms.

Instagram has had an increasing popularity for several years now. Over 500 million users communicate daily via Instagram Stories, and this includes branded content as well.

In order to create effective Stories and achieve new sales, you will need to learn how to generate creative content. Take a look at these tips!

1. Storytelling & Design

Although it may seem easier just to post a story with a dull image and the words "For sale", Instagram Stories have a better impact when they tell a story. This way, users engage with the content and, therefore, with the product.

Use storytelling to share the values of your company with your potential consumers. Your content has to be appealing. To achieve this, you can also use creative designs for your stories. You don't need to be a professional designer to create cool content! There are plenty of platforms, like Canva, where you can design your own stories.

2. Add hashtags & geotags

Using hashtags and geotags is essential in social networks like Instagram. Users can search by hashtags or geotags, and you definitely want your product to appear when this happens.

Be careful! Choose your hashtags thoroughly and don't use them all at once. Choose the one that suits your campaign better.

3. Engage with your followers

Instagram Stories has many special features to increase the interaction with your followers, like polls and reactions.

If you don't know exactly what you can ask your followers, try with the most common one: "What content would you like to see in my profile?" The answers can help you customize your future content to what your audience wants to see.

4. Swipe up!

This feature creates intrigue in your audience and helps you lead them directly to your businesses' website. Now you are even closer to increasing your sales level. The text in this kind of stories has to be clear and intriguing, so that your follower feels motivated to actually swipe up.

Keep your website updated and related to your marketing strategy. If you are offering a deal in your Instagram, but you don't have it set in your web, then the user will be confused!

5. Invest in your stories

Investing to promote your stories allows you to catch new followers. You don't have to invest in every single story you publish,  just select those in which you announce a special discount or product promotion and then check how it worked.

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