How to become a successful negotiator

Negotiation will help you succeed in life. Whether it’s to close a deal or to lower a price, you’ll find that learning how to convince others will benefit you in many ways.

You may have noticed how often you need to negotiate with others on a daily basis. On a personal level, this can happen with friends, family members, or even a landlord! When it comes to business transactions, the stakes are higher- but so are the benefits.

Succeeding in your business can come down to your negotiating skills. You may be asking for a promotion or trying to close a profitable deal. Both cases will require your best-negotiating skills if you’re expecting that they’ll lead to your career advancement.

The University of Michigan presents a course that’ll teach you the most important strategies and skills when it comes to negotiating. You’ll also learn when to use these skills and how to decide if it’s better to call a lawyer to help with a certain contract.

The course includes four steps to build a successful negotiation. Firstly, you’ll need a strategy, which you’ll learn how to plan with a negotiation analysis. Secondly, you’ll learn several key tactics that’ll help you with this process. The third step is to create a contract and the fourth one includes its performance and evaluation.

You’ll receive lessons through pre-recorded videos. This gives you a lot of freedom because you can choose when to watch them, how many to watch each time, and at what speed. You’re also allowed to pause and take notes!

There’s even the possibility to test your skills with a local or distant partner and receive feedback from them. This way, you’ll be ready to pass the exam. You can complete it as many times as you want and you’ll pass when you get 80% of the questions correctly.

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