How to avoid distractions when working from home

How to avoid distractions when working from home

In the context we are living in, more and more people are working from home. And not all of them are used to it, so they struggle with a lot of distractions that, ultimately, affect their productivity. Here are some tips that will help you stay focused.

While it is a common fantasy among employees to work from home, it takes a bit to get the hang of it. At first, you have to deal with a lot of distractions that in an office environment do not exist, such as kids, pets, unlimited access to social networks, and many more. But, as everything, once you adapt to a new environment, you can keep your productivity level high.

1-    Create a space

Try to find a spot that is suitable for you to work quietly. Avoid working from your bedroom to avoid having potential sleeping problems and set up a space that you or your family do not use for any other thing. If possible, pick a spot by a window. Good lighting is very important. 

2-    Create a To-Do List

With all the new distractions you find when working from home, a good way of failing to accomplish your daily tasks is by creating a to-do list that will allow you to visualize your daily progress and keep track of your pace to make sure you’ll get everything done. Keep it at sight.

3-    Talk to your family

If you live with your family, everyone must be up to date with this new work-from-home situation. If they understand that there is going to be a certain amount of hours in which you will be at home but unavailable, they will cooperate with a calm environment. If you have kids, you can use the “spotlight system” in which you indicate them in what situation you are. So if you place a green circle at the door, that means they can come in. If it’s yellow, they should ask first and if it’s red, that’s a no disturb.

4-    Use a dedicated browser

To keep your focus on your work, use a separate browser to open all the tabs you need to do your job. This way, you avoid getting distracted by any other tab you might have open to explore in your free time.

5-    Set your hours

It is very common to get disorganized when you transition to the home office, so set your working hours and stick to them. Do not forget to plan your breaks and lunch hour. The best way to organize your day is by keep the 9 to 5 system. As a plus, try to eat your lunch in the kitchen so you get away from the workspace.

Do not feel bad if at first, you find it hard to get things flowing. You do not need to do everything by yourself. Ask for help and talk to your family. You can even hire a babysitter if you need someone to look after your kids or a housekeeper for a few hours a week, to help you get things off your list. 

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