How networking can help you succeed

Personal and business connections can lead you to success. The key is to make good use of your relationships and be in the right place and at the right time.

Networking is a dynamic process. It starts at the very moment that you go to school, where you meet your first friends. And it continues throughout your life, as you keep getting to know people in college, then at work, and so on. You can make the most of these contacts by taking a proactive attitude and expand your network.

There are lots of ways to know people that share your interests and can be part of your network. You can attend events and conferences related to your field; you can share alumni associations of your high school, university, or graduate school; or you can participate as a volunteer in a community organization. 

You can also build your network online. First of all, you need to create a profile at LinkedIn, which is the online networking leader. Make sure your description is as complete as possible. You should add your resume and CV, and post some of your works or share others that fill your interests. 

You can use other social media to expand your network, especially if you're looking for old colleagues or friends to get in touch with. You can sign up for determined hashtags in order to get notifications when somebody does a job search that may suit your profile. This said you should build your profiles on Facebook and Twitter, as well as follow other accounts to stay updated. Be careful about what you're going to share and avoid any aggressive or controversial posts. Your future boss could be looking at your profile!

If a job opportunity pops up, be respectful and follow any instructions posted with the job search, even if you have a personal relationship with the contact. If someone advertises an open position on Linkedin and asks explicitly to fill an online application, for example, don't call them or email your CV. 

In the same way, it’s best to send your CV once someone has asked for it. Don't look desperate by emailing your resume in a massive way. If somebody gets in touch with you because they've already had some references for you, or because your profile seemed interesting, try to arrange a meeting. And if you do, consider that the other person's time is precious, so prepare what you want to say and what you'd like to do in that company. Always show your gratitude for the meeting, even if it hasn't been successful.  

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