How can you land a dream job that will pay you $100,000 to eat tacos?

Today is your last chance to land a job that will pay you $100,000 to eat tacos

Everyone has one obsession that can be turned into an entire personality, and If, by any chance, your personality-defining obsession is loving tacos you may be on the verge of winning getting paid $1000.000 to do what you love doing for free. How can you apply for the job today, before you miss the chance to make your dream job come true?.

In the last few months, we have had job offers that paid you to take naps, to test Casinos in Las Vegas, to create a burger masterpiece, or watch James Bond movies. This position may appeal to a smaller group, but for some, it is surely an excellent opportunity. How can you make $100,000 if you love eating tacos and apply for this job today?

Are you one of those people that thinks #TacoTuesdays should be every day? Now you could make it happen!

McCormick is searching for their first-ever Director of Taco Relations to be the company’s resident consulting taco expert and wants to pay this person $100,000 to do it.

“If you’re passionate about tacos and interested in developing innovative recipes, traveling to find the latest trends, and creating engaging taco content for social media, we want to hear from you!” says the company’s Ig account.

As the Director of Taco Relations, you will be McCormick’s official eyes and ears for all taco issues, will have the opportunity to develop innovative and delish taco recipes, travel across the country in search of the latest trends, create content on social media, and be in on the latest Street Taco seasoning mixes developed by the McCormick innovation lab.

If you think you are the perfect person for the job, make a creative video, no longer than two minutes that demonstrates your personality and showcases your love and passion for tacos, and one additional supplemental set of materials may be submitted, like a combined cover letter and resume, via a single Word or PDF file.

You can apply here if you are 21 years or older before 11:59 pm EST, today.

The winner must be able to work remotely up to 20 hours a week from September-December 2021, and the payment is $25,000 per month not to exceed $100,000.

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