How can you know your job interview went well?

After having an interview, you may find yourself wondering whether the meeting went well, and if you left a good impression. Even though you can’t be sure until they call you back, here are some common positive signs that may mean the job is yours

1. Your interview was longer than expected

An interview that goes over its time limit may be an indication that your interviewer was especially interested in what you had to say.

2. They start talking about the team

If the interview has shifted from questions to a more vivid description of the position, it may be a sign of a good job interview. 

3. You met with more people than expected

If you go in and end up meeting everyone they mentioned when they asked you to go, that likely means they were interested in seeing how you would fit in with everyone else on the team If they introduce you to people you didn’t originally discuss it could mean they were especially impressed by you.

4. They ask if you’re considering other job opportunities

Sometimes hiring managers ask how your job search is going or if you are talking and interviewing with other companies. This question can give you a clue about the success of your interview. 

5. They ask how soon you can start

It’s often a good sign when your interviewer asks you how fast you could begin the position. This is especially true if it happens at the end of the interview. 

6. The interviewer says they want to speak with you again

One of the best ways to know if your job interview went well is if they conclude it by saying they would love for you to come back and meet more people like the CEO or other key people in the organization. 

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