Free online course: Google Analytics for beginners

If you’re looking for a way to learn everything there is to know about Google searches, what’s better than a lesson with the master itself? Here’s a course given by Google members on how to use the platform’s analytics.

Google is used by millions of users every second, all around the globe. It’s even possible that you’ve found this article through it! This tool plays an important role, but people often miss out on some of its perks, such as its Google Analytics tool.

This web analytics service is provided by Google and can help you if you’re interested in web marketing. This tool has many properties, which are explained in this 4-Units course.

Firstly, you’ll be taught how to create an account. With it, you’ll be able to implement a tracking code and set up data filters that can come in handy when you’re doing specific research online.

Other lessons you’ll get include demonstrations on how to set up dashboards and shortcuts. The first one is an information management tool, where you’ll see displays of key data points and performance indicators.

This course can teach you how to understand the Google Analytics interface and what you can conclude of the reports that you’ll receive. This is a very important part, because it can help you monitor how your business or process is doing.

The reports are varied. You can find one about the audiences, another on their behavior and much more. The data can be used to measure the website’s traffic, which you can also learn how to do on the course. Make the most of this valuable tool!

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