This 2021 optimize your online job search

This 2021 optimize your online job search

Whether you’re a student or a professional, if you have a lot of experience or you’re just starting, our advise is to go online! The Internet has a huge offer of work opportunities, even in a flexible or remote way. So, let's dive into our guide for you to optimize your online job search.


Online platforms that allow you and everyone to sell products and services have become increasingly popular. They carry many advantages, such as saving the rent money of a physical store or having the possibility to work from home. Additionally, they create a network where buyers can find sellers more easily, and vice versa.

Since everyone can surf the web looking for services and products, there’s a market for almost everything. Ranging from the most to the least common occupations, there’s surely someone working to provide that. You can benefit from this huge market, too!

Freelance jobs online are very common nowadays. There are many platforms dedicated to monetize people’s skills, whether these are specific, general, professional or unprofessional. Some examples of said websites are Fiverr and Flexjobs.

Fiverr allows you to do microjobs without leaving your house. Everyone can provide independent and cheap services worldwide. It might shock you how exotic and specific some of these offers are!

On the other hand, Flexjobs is a platform where people can find their dream job. As an employer, you can also publish job offers. There is a very big variety of gigs, which also include the possibility of flexible or freelance work.

To conclude, every special talent and ability can help you earn some money. The perfect job position for you is probably online and, if it isn’t, the Internet allows you to create it! There’s always going to be someone willing to pay for your skills.

Best free courses to master some online marketing tools

Business blogging

Business blogging can be very useful when it comes to online marketing. However, it’s necessary to get a proper education on this subject in order to use it properly.

The first thing to take into account is that there’s a big difference between writing a business blog and a personal one. Both your audiences and your purpose change, which means the tone and register is also different. There are some rules to learn and this course makes it possible.

The course includes 5 lessons with 17 videos and 3 quizzes to test what you’ve learned. The HubSpot Academy provides it as a way to help people with their approaches to this marketing strategy.

The first thing you’ll learn is how to create a blogging strategy that’ll make your business grow. If this is also your purpose, don’t hesitate to try this course!

You’ll also be taught how to bring quality to your blog. This element can be a tricky one, but it is essential if you want to provide your audience with content that’ll make them want to read more and share your blog.

Finally, the course can help you build a guest blogging strategy that -and here comes the interesting part- is powered by SEO. Search Engine Optimization will help you increase your website’s traffic by making it more visible. This means that more people will read and share your blog! 

Content marketing: the powerful SEO

Maybe you've heard about SEO and you've never understood exactly what it means or how it works. You may feel kind of overwhelmed because there are so many different tools on the internet, and you think that only experts can manage them. Don't panic! Some are easy to get and to apply in your every-day-business. You just need to know the basics and start to use them.

SEO is the abbreviation for Searching Engine Optimization. It refers to the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website through a web search engine. It's a tool that can improve the number of visitors on a website in an organic way. 

You can learn how to built SEO techniques in a 6-lesson course at HubSpot academy. You'll be asked to watch 22 videos with a total duration of 1:35 hours.

SEO is a very important tool in content marketing, and if you know how to improve it, you can take your business into Google's first results page. You may also learn how to build backlinks at scale to your website in order to increase your website's visibility on the search engine results page.

You'll also be taught about how to build an SEO strategy according to your business. You'll get a whole lesson destined to learn how search engines rank your content, how to measure the state of your current SEO, and how to figure out an approach to SEO that fits with your business’s needs. 

Link-building is another important item for SEO. You'll learn how to improve the number of links and how many you need to rank on the pages of Google searches. You can increase this organic traffic by creating a blog, by optimizing your blog content, by picking special topics and by using keywords. 

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's easier than you think. Once you get the basics and apply what you've learned in this course, you can be sure it'll be worth it. Surely, you'll get to put your business on the front page without paying for it!

SEO can help you to increase your audience, what´s key in order to make money blogging!

Make the best out of Email marketing

Email marketing is a very suitable tool for any kind of business. Through a well-written email that’s sent at the right time, you can build your brand, grow your network, find sales opportunities and connect with influencers that could spread the word of your name. 

Understanding how a cold mail works is the first step to succeed in your marketing campaign. A cold mail is an initial email that is sent to a receiver to gain a benefit in terms of sales, opportunities or any other gains. It's the best channel that you can add to your current marketing strategy. 

You can learn how to use this powerful marketing tool online. The Cold Email Masterclass offers eight lessons that will show you, in theory and in practice, all you need to know about cold emails. There, you’ll understand all the components of an email and you’ll get several formulas to write a good email.

They can also teach you how to personalize your targets, which can help you focus your effort and resources to the right audience. Then, you’ll learn how to do the right follow-up to save the deals that you may have started. 

You can sign in the Email Marketing Certification provided by HubSpot Academy, where you have the possibility to follow 10 video lessons given by specialists in this area. In this online course, you’ll learn how to design a strategy to create and send emails to people you want to engage with.

Additionally, you’ll see the power of the words. Properly chosen, they can turn your audience into customers. Of course, you’ll also learn how to nurture these relationships to make the most of them.

In the end, you’ll get to know how to check and analyze all the results of your email campaign. There are metrics and other tools that can help you identify trends and also understand if you’ve reached your goals. From there, you can think about the next steps to follow in order to improve your business.

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