Don't miss the chance to get paid $ 5,000 for eating cheese and visiting Georgia

Today is your last chance to get paid $ 5,000 for eating cheese and visiting Georgia

We are not sure that this can be considered a "dream job", but if you love cheese it is a very simple way to earn a lot of money. What must you do today to receive $5,000 from Farm Rich?

In the last few weeks, we have had job offers that paid you to take naps, to test hotels in Las Vegas, to create a burger masterpiece, or watch James Bond movies. This position may appeal to a smaller group, but for some, it is surely an excellent opportunity. How can you make $ 5,000 if you love cheese and apply for the job today?

Everyone has one obsession that can be turned into an entire personality, and If, by any chance, your personality-defining obsession is loving cheese you may be on the verge of winning $5,000. If the idea appeals to you, however, you need to act fast, because the offer ends tomorrow.

Get your applications in to be Farm Rich's brand ambassador for all things cheese.

Do you believe cheddar makes everything better? Well, we might just have a job for ya.

Farm Rich is offering up the gig of a lifetime by conducting a nationwide search for its first-ever Chief Cheese Officer (CCO).

“Calling all cheese-lovers and content creators. We’re looking for someone to fill the role of Chief Cheese Officer for 45 days,” says the company’s website.

If you apply and are chosen for the job, you'll win $ 5,000, a year’s supply of Farm Rich snacks, and a three-day trip to St. Simons Island in Georgia where Farm Rich’s headquarters are.

“As CCO, you’ll be tasked with coming up with delicious snack ideas, creating a cheese-centric holiday, creating 5 pieces of cheesy social media content (memes, reels, recipes, photos, songs, etc.), as well as taking a first look at new product innovations with Farm Rich R&D,” says the job offer.

Who can apply?

• Farm Rich Snackers
• Cheese Connoisseurs
• Must be 18 Years or Older
• U.S. Residents

This is a 45-day position that starts on August 2 and, if you think you are the perfect person for the job, you can submit your application here today, explaining why the position should be yours.



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