Computer Science jobs: 5 high paying positions

Computer Science jobs: 5 high paying positions

Choosing a career in computer science is a smart move. Technology is always growing and rapidly changing, so if you manage to stay on top of it, you are more likely to get your career going.

There are many things you can do in a computer science job: from developing software and complex systems to troubleshooting problems and protecting data. This career path will help you learn analytical skills that can be easily translated into any tech-based profession. 

Here are 5 high paying positions for you to consider:

1-    Helpdesk Analyst

The average pay is $18.25 per hour. As a helpdesk analyst, you will assist internal users and clients by troubleshooting, diagnosing and correcting software or hardware problems. You might also be responsible for setting up new workstations or updating/upgrading technology.

2-    Computer Programmer

The average salary is $24.83 per hour. You have to know a computer programming language, such as C++ or Java. Your main task is to test and maintain source code for various computer programs. You will work alongside other IT professionals to troubleshoot, debug and improve the code.

3-    System Analyst

The average salary is $74,115 per year. As a system analyst, your main duty is to design techniques to help solve a company’s information challenges. You are responsible for detecting and fixing problems within existing systems, developing workflows and educating other employees on how to use them.

4-    Application Developer

The average salary is $84,588. As an application developer, you work in teams with app engineers and analysts to design, build and upgrade software applications. You are usually also responsible for maintaining and debugging software as well as patching any security vulnerability.

5-    Network Security Engineer

The average salary is $108,224. A network security engineer is responsible for protecting an organization’s network systems by installing firewalls, detection systems and performing cybersecurity software upgrades.

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