College students, here's your ultimate guide to finding the best job

It can be hard to find a job that fits your class schedule and lets you leisure and studying time. The best options are part-time jobs, and there are some where you can also learn new skills. Dive into our ultimate guide and find the part-time job that suits you the most!

While it’s always good to get a side hustle and earn money to pay off your student loans or cover other needs, it’s even better if you can take something else from them. This can be new skills for your resume, or knowledge that can come in handy later in life.

Online tutoring is the first option to consider as a student, especially if you’re very good at one or many subjects. One of the biggest upsides of this job is how much control you have over it: you set the rates, and you choose your working hours.

You can tutor high-school students or other students on campus. Either way, it’ll help you keep your knowledge on the subject fresh and you’ll be less likely to forget it. Here are the best 5 online tutoring jobs!

Transcription is the process of writing down the contents of an audio or video. It’s very simple once you get the hang of it: you’ll type what you hear using specific style guidelines and end up with a text, which you’ll later present to earn your pay. It’s simple and you can do it from your dorm!

Lucky for you, there’s such a big amount of audio files and videos that the demand for transcriptionists can only grow bigger. Even though it can get boring to listen and type at the same time, trying to catch every word will definitely improve your typing skills. This can help you get another job afterward, and you can also use it to take notes in class.

Proofreading is another thing many people can do. If you already help others avoid spelling or grammar mistakes, you can also get paid for it. With enough experience, you’ll also find your texts with fewer mistakes, which will surely help you earn good grades and also make great impressions when applying for a job with any written document.

If you’re looking for even more choices, here are other jobs for college students! Furthermore, it’s also important to keep a healthy lifestyle, which is why here are some part-time jobs to combine health and money.


You might be looking for a nice job in the field you are training for, which is a great option, but you might as well consider getting a job at a company that will pay a nice salary while allowing you to make an in-road that could potentially lead to a full-time position once you graduate. Here are some options:

1. Receptionist/Assistant

This is a great position for college students who are looking for a part-time job that will also let them work in a company in their chosen field. This is an excellent way to get started in an industry you hope to join once you graduate. If you have a clear career path on your mind, this is probably a great option for you.

You will learn valuable skills that will be really helpful in your work life, whether it is at this company or at some other. 
If you show your employer you are responsible and you do a good job, you might get a full-time position and maybe a promotion.

2. Freelance Writer 

If your major is in English, Literature or Journalism, this might be an interesting option for you. There are many freelance writing opportunities for students looking to get started.

If you manage to get published in any form, you are building a portfolio of your work that will help you land better opportunities eventually. These will be valuable samples to show your future clients. The main perk of freelance writing is that you can do your job basically anywhere and anytime just as long as you deliver on schedule.

3. Sales representative

If you want to develop your skills of persuasion and influence, then you should definitely get a part-time job as a sales representative. Companies are constantly looking for people who can sell over the phone or online. If you feel you’ve got what it takes, this a great way of working from home and make some pretty good cash out of it.

These are only a few ideas, but there are many more for you to explore. The important thing is that if you need to pick up a job to support yourself or even to pay for tuition, you should do something that has an extra value to it and that will mean something. The greatest part is you get to see how you feel about the career path you chose and you can make any adjustment you’d like!

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