Best platforms to sell used books: a quick review

Look at your bookshelves: surely you'll find some books that you don't need anymore, or that you've already read. Why not make some money by selling them online? It's easy, safe and profitable!

There's a huge market for textbooks, fiction texts, novels, cooking books and more! Once you've decided to get rid of them, you can go to second-hand bookstores or you can sell them online. Take into consideration that they should have all pages, be unwritten, and be in good shape!


Firstly, you'll be asked to list your books with their ISBN code. After that, this platform will connect you with potential buyers. If you accept their offer, they’ll contact you to arrange a personal exchange for the book and payment. This is an easy way to avoid shipping if it's a complicated errand for you.


Here, you can list your books and set their prices. Once you sell one book, the eCampus takes a 15% commission off each sold item and provides you partial credit for shipping. They pay via bank deposit up to seven days after the purchase. 


You can sell textbooks even on Amazon! You need to go to their trade-in store and click on “Books”. Then, follow the instructions to publish your material. They’re pretty strict about the book's shape, so exclude those with damaged pages or highlighted paragraphs. Once sold, you'll receive the payment via Amazon gift card. 


To sell your books online, you can go to Bookbyte, enter your book’s ISBN number and wait until the platform offers you a price. If you accept the offer, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label. You must send the books within seven calendar days for the offer to be valid. Once the books reach Bookbyte, you’ll receive the payment via PayPal or check.


You can easily sell your books to Textbook Buyer, as it pays for all shipping costs. Once they receive your books and determine that they’re in good condition, they’ll send you a check. If there are some problems with your items, they may be rejected and you won’t receive any payment.

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