Looking for a job: What 8 Personality traits should you include in your resume?

Looking for a job: What 8 Personality traits should you include in your resume?

During the recruitment process, employers go through a great number of resumes looking for the right candidate. What 8 personality traits should you always include in your resume to keep your future employer interested?

Summer is finally here, the Covid-19 vaccine is slowly bringing back our normal life, and new job opportunities are appearing. If during the pandemic you lost your job, or if you are looking for a different position, what 8 personality traits should you always include in your resume?

Potential employers are concerned with both your professional and your personal attributes, which are many times, just as important as your qualifications and skills. They define your human, personal and individual sides and increase your chances of employment. Here are 8 personal traits that should not be left out of your resume.

A resume gives you the opportunity to highlight your background, experience, and abilities before a potential employer.

1. Honest

This is one of the most vital traits future employers look for. Companies want to know that their employees can be trusted with various tasks and information.

2. Ethical and loyal

Businesses are guided by good governance and ethical best practices. Employers look for people who can be trusted with confidential matters and sensitive information, so having earned the trust to work on these tasks in previous jobs is something valuable to note on your resume.

3. Diligent and organized

By demonstrating this personal trait, you show that you care about the quality of your work, no matter the lengths you had to go to, or obstacles you might have faced along the way.

4. Punctual

It’s important to demonstrate that you value the importance of time management to recruiters. Being punctual doesn't only mean getting to places on time (which shoes respect), it also involves meeting deadlines. 

5. Problem solver

Employees should be expected to strategically handle any obstacles and challenges that arise. Showcasing your proactivity and problem-solving abilities is an attractive quality to future employers, no matter your career field.

The way your write your resume can be responsible for the success of your job search.

6. Team player

Several positions will require you to work as part of a team, so showing you can do this is important. Whether you are the head of a team and need to be able to delegate responsibilities, or are part of a team and need to share responsibilities or take orders from others, playing together as a team is fundamental for many jobs.

7. Creative

Creativity forms the base of new ways of thinking and approaching solutions from unconventional angles, and is an important trait to meet various company objectives 

8. Technologically competent

Technology, tools, and techniques are constantly evolving and businesses are becoming more and more technologically competent. It is important to mention that you have the needed competencies to succeed in your job. 

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