5 part-time jobs that offer health insurance benefit

5 part-time jobs that offer health insurance benefit

All Americans are required by the Affordable Care Act to maintain health coverage regardless of their employment situation, but it doesn’t require businesses to provide sponsored health insurance to their part-time staff. Here are 5 companies that include this benefit.

According to a report from the Census Bureau, only 24% of part-time workers have access to a health insurance sponsored benefit. Many part-time workers do receive subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, making it more affordable to get individual coverage from a private insurer, but some workers are above the minimum income required to qualify for these subsidies, so they are not eligible.

Some workers with good credit scores usually take out personal loans to cover any unexpected medical bill, but of course, this is not ideal. 

Here is a list of 5 companies that offer health insurance benefit to its part-time employees:

1-    Whole Foods

Whole Foods employees who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible for the company health insurance, which includes dental and vision plans as soon as they accrue 800 hours of service.
This benefit is optional so management reserves the right to rescind it at any time.

2-    Costco

Any employee who works 24 hours per week and has at least 180 days of service is eligible for the Choice Plus health plan, which enables members to choose their providers.
All Costco locations have a pharmacy, so part-time employees also enjoy an in-house prescription plan.

3-    Starbucks

Employees that work more than 20 hours per week are entitled to the Starbucks Special Blend, an extensive benefits package that includes health care. A dental plan that covers preventive visits and some procedural costs is also available, together with a basic vision plan.

4-    UPS

Once you turn one year working at UPS as a part-time employee, you can choose basic health plans that cover preventive medical and dental services. A basic vision plan is also included. UPS workers do not copay for these services, which is a huge difference with other part-time job companies’ benefits.     
These plans are subject to change at UPS discretion. 

5-    Nike

Employees that have been in the company for at least a year are eligible for Nike’s generous health plan, which includes manageable deductible with substantial coverage. Nike doesn’t publicize further details of their health benefit plan and requires part-time employees to pay their plans full cost, which is more affordable than a private insurer’s plan.

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