5 keys to set up the perfect home office

5 keys to set up the perfect home office

Working from home has been a fantasy for many but now, with the global pandemic, it’s a reality. And maybe you’ve come to realize that your house is not home office friendly enough. Here are 5 keys that will help you set up your work space.

If you go on Pinterest in search of some inspiration, you will find a lot of gorgeous spaces, with fancy rugs and lovely furniture. But in times like this, the best you can do is save as much as you can as long as this pandemic is out there. First, because we are going to assume this is a temporary phase and the world will go back to normal, and second because, during a crisis like the one generated by COVID-19, it’s best if you mind your budget a bit more than you’d normally do.

1-  Pick a spot

First things first. You need to choose a place in your house that is as quiet as it can be, so you can concentrate throughout the day and do your job without having to deal with a lot of things you wouldn’t normally deal with. Try to avoid the bedroom, because if you work in the same room where you’re supposed to rest, it might negatively affect your sleep. Ideally, select a room that has natural light and, if possible, that is located near a window.

2- Pick a desk

This might seem a bit obvious, but to work from home you’ll need a surface where you can put your computer and any other electronic device you might need, as well as the good old office supplies: clips, post-it notes, etc. Try to avoid using the kitchen table and set up a desk solely for that purpose. You can go online and find a used one to save some bucks. 

3- It’s all about the chair

We can’t stress this enough: find a suitable chair. This is where you’re going to be many hours a day, so you can’t use any spare chair in your house. If you are going to spend some extra money, this is where you’d want to be going big. This way, you will make sure that you take good care of your back. No need to buy the latest item chair-wise, but do get an appropriate one.

4- Storage space

Even if almost everything is digital, you might need to have some storage space for paperwork, documents, supplies, or even gadgets. Remember that this is a place you’ll probably see all day long, even when you’re not working, so the best option is to have a cabinet where you can safely store things.

5- Internet and Phone

You are going to be using your home services to continue to work for your employer, so you might want to make sure that your connection is strong. It might be a good idea to talk to your employer to see if they can chip in for the bill or if you can share this expense with them. 

In times like this, we all need to adapt to keep the wheel turning. Try adding a little something to your space that will make you feel comfortable and happy with your brand new office space. You can try some fresh flowers or a nice plant, a picture you love, and freshly brewed coffee! 

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