5 great ideas to start an online business if you like consulting and coaching

5 great ideas to start an online business if you are into consulting and coaching

2020 was a year in which, due to the economic crisis and the lack of employment, many of us had to reinvent ourselves and use ingenuity to generate money. If you still haven't found a job yet, or if you want to add an extra income to your earnings, here are 5 great ideas to create an online business if you’re into consulting and coaching.

Thanks to the Internet, starting a business is easier than it ever was before, for you no longer need to invest in creating a physical product or renting a store. Here are some ideas to start an online business if consulting and coaching are your field.

The best part of this is that coaching and consulting can take place via phone calls or video calls, which means you can have an enormous clientele and you will not be affected by the restrictions that may still be in force or the fear of meeting personally that people interested in hiring you may have.

You no longer need to invest money to start your own business

1. Business Coaching

Many new entrepreneurs need feedback to grow their businesses and are willing to invest significant sums into getting help to do so. To attract clients, you’ll need a history in business, and testimonials to back it up.

2. Life Coaching

Even though you’ll need a certificate, being a life coach requires no particular background or degree. It’s technically open to everyone but the most in-demand life coaches are those with impressive interpersonal skills and who can demonstrate their success in life.

3. Career Coaching

Career coaching is really a more specific form of life coaching. You’ll be helping clients prepare for interviews, coaching them with their video resumes, writing resumes and cover letters, and offering guidance about their career goals.

If you have reached a high level in your career and are looking for a change or an extra income this is the job for you. Being successful in your field of knowledge is your best selling point.

4. College Consulting

Many children need help to get into a good college

Many parents are willing to spend a lot of money on someone who can help their sons and daughters get into a good college. If you attended a good college yourself, you could make money by giving them advice. You’ll need good writing skills and possibly a knowledge of scholarship and bursary options.

5. Freelance PR Consulting

If you want to run a PR consultancy, you’ll need to manage social media, press releases, campaigns, and public image. In the beginning, you will probably need to join an existing PR agency, but when you acquire the experience you can start your own Company.

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