5 Top careers to make money online and live anywhere 5 Top careers to make money online and live anywhere

5 Top careers to make money online and live anywhere

If you found yourself daydreaming about the possibility of working anywhere and not having to be in one specific place to make a living, then this article is for you. Let’s find out how to do make this possible.

Working online and in any place you want is a dream a lot of us have at some point. And it is a dream that can actually come true. There are many online options for you to explore, but here are some of the options that work best.

1-    Teach a foreign language online

If you know a foreign language and have some teaching skills, you can make thousands of dollars by teaching online. You can teach English to foreign students or any other language you know.

Some websites will even provide some basic teaching instructions if you don’t have any experience. Some platforms for you to explore are: Rype, TEFL and GoAbroad

2-    Teach an instrument online

If you know how to play an instrument or if you are a musician, you can teach music lessons online. And even if you are not restricted to give online lessons, you can find new students if you move to a different location. A platform for you to explore is LessonFace

3-    Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing strategies that happen online. If you are creative and know your way around the internet, are up to date with the tools offered online to build and market your brand, you can become an online digital marketing consultant and make a living of it. Some platforms for you to explore are: Growth Hackers, AngelList.    

4-    Become a virtual assistant

If you work as an assistant or you think you have the necessary skills to be one, you don’t need to do it in an office. You can be a remote assistant and place your services online. Some platforms for you to explore are: Zirtual, Upwork

5-    Become a photographer and sell your work online

If you are good at taking photos, or even if you already are a professional photographer, you don’t have to limit yourself to working with clients. You can sell your work directly online by creating your own platform. Check this one out: 500px

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