5 Tips to get your video resume right

A video resume will be necessary when it is required by the recruiter or you may choose to add one if your resume is long, or if you want to make a more personalized application. Here are some tips to get it just right.

A video resume is a short video you make to introduce yourself to your potential employer. It is often submitted together with a resume and cover letter, to highlight your skills and experience. To be effective it should be between 30 seconds to two minutes long.

Here are some tips to consider before recording your video resume:

1. Focus on a specific topic. As your video resume should be short, it’s most effective to choose a single experience or skill to focus on. 

2. Discuss something you left out of your application.  There may be something you didn’t mention in your resume and that you feel would make you more fit for the job. You may also have a “generic” resume and adapt what you say in the video to each specific job offer. 

3. Dress professionally. Consider dressing just as you would do to go to a job interview. Wear neat, workplace-appropriate attire, such as business casual clothing.

4. Take care of the setting. It is also important to take into account what your potential employer will see in the background of your video. Look at everything carefully before you start filming.

5. Review the employer’s guidelines. If it is the employer who asks for a video resume, be sure to follow any instructions they give for content, length, editing or submission. 

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