4 Things you need to do to make money blogging

4 Things you need to do to make money blogging

Being an online blogger and making money out of it is a dream to many people. We all have read about people who earned a lot of money doing, but we rarely hear anything about how to make it. Well, here are 4 things to get started.

Making money with a blog can be very simple. You just need to understand how things work and what the subtle line between success and failure is. 

Is it that simple?

Once you understand the key things, yes. It can be that simple. Take a look at these four considerations:

1-    Choose your topic, find your niche

This is the first step. If you want to make a profitable blog, you need to determine what it is going to be about. Defining your niche is the most important thing, because it will influence all the rest of your blogging strategy. Once you define your topic, you can determine the design of the blog, the tone of your writing, which marketing options will most likely work for you, everything. These are some of the most popular niches:

-Fitness and health
-Web Design

2-    Host your site

You need to decide which is going to be your domain name (URL). This is the name people will use to reach your blog, which is usually the same as your website name, so make sure it is available. 
Once you determine your name, you need to find a host. There are many hosting providers available, with different levels of support. For starters, go with a basic plan. If you ever need more space, you can upgrade.

3-    Create content and generate traffic

So: you know our niche, you have hosted your site, what’s next? Start creating content so that your blog will have traffic. You need to create blog posts that are attractive to your audience so that they will engage with the website. Offer something no one else is offering. Look for information missing within your niche and write about that. This will make you stand out.

4-    Share and Promote

Part of your work will be promoting your blog. Share your content through social media, make sure your brand is displayed on your accounts. There are many advertising tools available that will help you promote and keep track of the results of your ad campaign and the best part is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money to do this. You can start advertising your blog by spending only a few bucks.

The most important thing for you to make it as a blogger is consistency. Keep working towards your goal and take the time to build your online brand.

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