3 businesses you can do online to generate an extra income

3 businesses you can do online to generate an extra income

In these times of crisis, many people are looking for new ways to make money and there are very good opportunities on the internet. Here are 3 businesses that you can do online to have extra income.

The need to staying in has led many people to think of new ways to earn money working from home and on the Internet, there are countless opportunities to consider.
Some of these businesses, which you can start remotely, could be so profitable that they could even become your main source of income.

Working from home can be a new way to generate some extra money

1 – Virtual assistant

If you have organizational and task management skills,  you could maybe be good as a virtual assistant. This job generally consists of basic administrative tasks such as entering data, making travel arrangements, and answering phone calls for your clients. Previous experience in this field is ideal, but not necessary, as reported in Business News Daily.

There are platforms, such as TaskRabbit and Zirtual, that make it easy for virtual assistants to find work.

These sites allow you to create an online profile and sign up for the tasks you want to perform, such as data research, virtual assistance, or other basic errands, and thus begin to build a customer base.

2 – Arts and crafts vendor

If you are good at crafts, then you could sell your products online on sites like Etsy and ArtFire. These sites make it extremely easy to sell your products and get paid through their platform for they are basically a personalized online store.

The costs to start a business of this type are usually very low, especially if you buy your materials in bulk from a craft supplier.

 You can be more successful if you choose to promote your products on social media.

If you like teaching, there are many opportunities to teach others remotely

3 – Online Tutor

If you are good at explaining things, and you have experience and knowledge in some subject, you might consider starting an online tutoring business.

For this type of work, you can use video chat platforms such as Skype to offer your sessions remotely and advise your clients at any time, and in any place.

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