10 best apps that pay you to shop

10 best apps that pay you to shop

It may seem crazy, but it is true: There actually are apps that pay you to shop! Learn more about these cashback apps.

First of all, let's get this clear: Apps that pay you to shop exist, but this does not mean you won't be spending money when you go shopping. This means you need to pay for what you are buying in order to make some extra money with this kind of apps.

So, you should only use these cashback apps when you really need to buy something! Otherwise, you would just be wasting tons of money.

Now that you have a clearer idea of how these apps work, it's time to take a look at the best ten!

1. Rakuten

Formerly known as Ebates, this cashback app is the most famous one of its kind. It was born in 1998 and it is affiliated with more than 2,500 stores.

To use Rakuten you just need to create an account in the app, click on the link to the store you want and then shop as you would normally do.

The app will then track your purchase and send you the cashback automatically. Every store will indicate the cashback percentage.

Once you get "paid", you can receive your money either by check or Paypal on specific dates: May 15, August 15, November 15 and February 15.

2. iBotta

Launched in 2012, this app is one of the most used. In fact, users of iBotta have been paid out over 200 million dollars in cashback!

Once you join the app, you can get your cashback by either sending a receipt, linking a royalty card or making in-app purchases.

You  can then cash out through a gift card, PayPal or Venmo.

3. BeFrugal

Created in 2009, BeFrugal starting by offering online coupons . Then it joined cashback apps by offering this service in over 5,000 stores.

Another plus of this app is that it offers high cashback rates and allows you to cash out whenever you want to with a minimum payment of $0.01 via PayPal.

4. TopCashBack

In this case, this app counts with higher cashback percentages at certain stores, so you have more options to choose!

Moreover, it does not have a minimum payout requirement and will also let you cash out whenever you want to. You can either do it via Paypal, gift card or Direct deposit.

5. Dosh

Once you sign in  at Dosh and get ready to shop, you just have to shop! As it happens with Rakuten, the process is automatic. You won't have to scan the receipts.

In order to get your cash out, you can: link a credit or debit card where the app will send the cashback; receive the cash back online; or use the travel cashback, which allows you to choose a travel destination and a hotel offering cash back per night!

Dosh also counts with a referring program, in which you can refer a friend and earn $5 once she signs up.

6. Shopkick

Founded in 2009, Shopkick offers rewards to those shoppers who complete a set of tasks:

Also, if you are an online shopper, then the tasks are:

7. Shopular

This is the ideal app for those who are looking for local deals and discounts for big retailers or high-end mall shops.

In this case, Shopular uses your location to find the closest deals available. You will even receive notifications when an offer is nearby.

8. Checkout 51

To earn cashback in this app you only need to add offers to your account, shop and then scan the receipt into the app.

The offers are updated every week, expanding your earning potential.

You can cash out once your balance reaches $20 via check. The app has recently included PayPal as a payment method.

9. Receipt Hog

This app is a market research company that gives you a reward for scanning your receipts.

Receipt Hog gathers the receipts you scan into three different categories: Coin Receipts, Spin Receipts or Sweeps Receipts.

In the US, every 1000 coins are $5.

The payout options for this app are PayPal, Amazon gift card or a US magazine subscription.

10. Swagbucks

This is one of the most popular rewards sites. It offers several ways to earn money, including a shopping section.

Unlike other cashback sites, Swagbucks won't give you cash. You will receive Swagbucks (100 Swagbacks = $1).

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