How can you get a House in an Italian village for only Just $12,000

How can you get a house in an Italian village for only Just $12,000

Owning a home in an Italian village has always seemed like a tempting plan, but now, after spending months locked up at home, being able to enjoy beautiful landscapes and tranquility, may prove impossible to resist.

Italian towns offering up dilapidated homes for next to nothing have become a trend but, in this case, the houses are in much better shape and some are even ready to occupy.  The prices are around €10,000, or $12,000, but it gets you a place you can call your own without having to worry about spending additional money.

So, if after a year of staying at home and no travel, you feel like starting a new life elsewhere, this could be a great chance to get the change of scenery you’re needing.

Old mills rise along pristine streams while canyons, green valleys, and deep forests

If moving to Italy sounds like a good idea, Carrega Ligure in northern Italy and southern village Latronico have created online platforms where buyers can view photos, maps, and details of old abandoned buildings on sale and get directly in touch with the owner.

Some of the properties that are being offered come ready to occupy but there are also some fixer-uppers and rentals if you're not quite ready to buy.

We're giving them an online space for visibility otherwise nobody would know where and how to find these abandoned homes.

This is what local councilor and former mayor of Carrega Ligure Marco Guerrini told CNN.

Farming and shepherding families abandoned their houses long ago to emigrate abroad or to relocate to large cities

These tiny villages are quiet little tows, where you'll need a car just for the supermarket for bars, restaurants, and shops are located outside of town.

"All you'll find here is a great place to detox and unplug, no pollution and spectacular scenery," Guerrini, who started the online housing initiative in the first place, told CNN.

Prices are negotiable and the former mayor suggests interested buyers should visit the village and take a look at the place.

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