Great climate change investments to help you save the world

Climate change has an impact on our world and many of us want to do better to help the environment. You can make a lot of small changes to reduce the threat, but there is also a way of using your money to help fight it. 

You can be a part of this change while getting both financial and social returns. It’s called impact investment and it was once considered an option for people with a significant amount of money, but it is becoming more and more accessible to middle-income investors.

Here are some options worth considering:

1-    Motif Climate Change Index Fund

This fund is comprised of 25 stocks that include companies in clean energy, energy management, agriculture, clean water distribution and more. The fund has had a return rate of 31.5% in the past year. 
Motif also offers investment options that focus on fair labor practices and ethical corporate behavior.

2-    Etho Climate Leadership Index

This fund selects the most carbon-efficient companies across different industries. It has eliminated investments from fossil fuels, tobacco, weapons and gambling. They have a rigorous screening policy based on ESG (environment, social and governance) performance data.

3-    Fidelity’s U.S. Sustainability Index Fund

Fidelity’s ESG funds enable you to align your investment with long-term trends considered important to the overall sustainability of a business.
This fund will provide you a way to invest in companies that are responding to consumer demand for sustainable practices, or that are committed to a diverse and inclusive workspace, among others.

4-    Vanguard’s FTSE Social Index Fund

Vanguard’s FTSE Social Index Fund seeks to track the performance of an index that measures the investment returns of large and mid-capitalization stocks. Its performance has had ups and downs, but the past year provided the best return in its history at 20.41%.

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