Five things to do before we invest our money

Five things to do before we invest our money

Jack Buchanan is a Youtuber who talks about a variety of financial topics, this time he tells us five ways to make worthwhile our investment plans.

Jack Buchanan describes his video:

"With the stock market at all time highs there are thousands of new investors looking to jump into the market. To all these new investors a word of warning! You need to have a few basic things in order with your own finances before it is a good idea to invest your money. The last thing you need is to lose all your money in a stock market crash! Implement all of these before you start investing in 2020! In order to be safe while investing you are going to need to do 5 things:

1). Create an Emergency Fund 00:42

2). Pay Off High Interest Debt 02:10

3). Create a Budget 06:44

4). Cut 10% of your expenses 06:44

5). Invest in Yourself 08:35"

If you are interested in learning more about the stock market, personal finance, investing strategies, and increasing your monthly cash flow, then be sure to subscribe to this channel: Jack Buchanan - F.I.R.E. and Personal Finance

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