How to increase your home value

If you were thinking about remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, stop right there! Try these inexpensive improvements that will boost your property value without costing you a lot.

Sometimes, we feel a bit bored about seeing our home always looking the same way. But when you think about remodeling, you need to consider the money it will cost, not to mention the time it will take and the stress that comes along! 

However,  there are simple and inexpensive upgrades that will change the overall feel of your home and, as if that alone wasn't enough, they will also boost your house value. Check them out:

Deep clean

No, not just clean. Deep clean, seriously though. One of the simplest ways of adding value to a property is by decluttering it. And it is really cheap. By decluttering and deep cleaning your home, it will be ready for you to make your next big move, property wise, and if you are thinking of selling, it will be spot on!

Decluttering might also allow you to earn some extra cash. If you look around your house, there are probably a lot of items that are in good condition to be sold, so if you need some extra motivation, you can keep that in mind!

Update old floors

One of the most important aspects of the feel of your home is on the flooring. If it looks damaged or outdated, it will bring your house (and its value) down. According to the National Association of Realtors, refinishing hardwood floors will bring back 100% of whatever you invested in it, so this is really a true winner. If you can't afford hardwood, you can still find other ways of using flooring to increase your home value. 

Get a new paint job

Painting the interior of your home can yield up to a 3% increase in the value while painting the exterior can yield up to 5%. But besides the market value, it will also give your place a fresh new look, which is always a good thing!  And even more so, if you enjoy DIY projects, you can paint the interior yourself. This is a fun way of adding value and saving money at the same time!

Add some plants

This is probably a very obvious one, but it can really be a game a changer not so much for increasing the market value of the property, but it serves two purposes nonetheless: on the one hand, it will make you feel better inside your house. On the other hand, it is a great way of staging your property for potential buyers. And if you can make buyers feel more interested in your property, you will sell much faster and at a better price!

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