Celebrities’ restaurants: Top 5 successful restaurants owned by celebrities

From Ryan Gosling to Jay Z, find out here which are the top 5 celebrities that invested in restaurants and made a hit.

Whether they are successful or not in the Hollywood Industry, these five celebrities have made great investments in restaurants, each with their own personal style and menu. Here’s the list so you can’t miss any in case you are around.

1.    Ryan Gosling - Tagine

Tagine is a Moroccan restaurant owned by Ryan Gosling located right in the middle of Los Angeles. Famous for serving the best Moroccan dishes, is constantly visited by celebrities. You can see stars like Eva Mendez and Meryl Streep looking for a delicious Moroccan dish. It's definitely not the typical Italian or Chinese restaurant, so that’s why everyone is flocking to Tagine.

2.    Jay-Z - 40/40 Club

40/40 Club, owned by famous entertainer and entrepreneur Jay-Z, is located in New York City. The name comes from a baseball term for four baseball players setting a record for hitting 40 home runs and stealing 40 bases in one single season. That’s why it is a sports bar and lounge. You can eat and have a drink sitting literally on top of New York City in the lovely clubs and private VIP lounges. If you are looking for a party, the 40/40 Club is for you.

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3.    Norman Reedus - Nic & Norman's

Norman Reedus, famous for his portrayal of Daryl Nixon on The Walking Dead teamed up with executive producer Greg Nicotero, put their heads together, and created Nic & Norman's.
The restaurant, located in Georgia, has a big menu with lots of popular dishes like burgers, flatbreads, and classics like a chicken pot pie. If you have the chance, you should go and grab a bite there as Norman Reeds have been known for making unexpected visits from time to time.

4.    Jon Bon Jovi - JBJ Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi, a Jersey boy, took a whole new concept to New Jersey because the menu of his restaurant has no prices on it. Yes, that’s right, you are asked to pay a $20 donation that would cover your food and if you aren’t able to pay, that’s fine, you can donate your time and wash your dishes and help out. Many of the workers are volunteers and a lot of the food is donated. The place is always filled with people who can donate money and people who need a good meal and can’t always afford it.

5.    Moby - Little Pine

Little Pine located in Los Angeles, California, is as proud as its owner to say that it is 100% vegan. And that’s not the best thing about it, 100% of the profits are donated to different animal rights organizations. Well done, Moby!

If you are around, you should definitely go to these restaurants and check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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