Brad Pitt: everything you need to know about his $300 million net worth

According to GQ, the star commands up to $20 million per film. Few performers are as loved and celebrated as Brad Pitt.

Over the years, Brad Pitt has amassed a net worth of $300 million. It didn’t take long for him to prove himself in Hollywood and, over time, he has turned in one amazing performance after the other. While the media talks about his love life, particularly with star Jennifer Aniston, Pitt is well-known for his acting abilities and for eating in almost all of his movies.

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How did Brad Pitt accumulate that incredible amount of wealth?

Although it took him some time to land those big roles we best know him for, he managed to command a hefty salary for all the films he would star in.

On a typical role, Brad Pitt would command up to $20 million, according to GQ. However, GQ also reports that the amount of money fluctuates at times. For example, Pitt cut his salary down to $10 million to appear in the film Once Upon Time in Hollywood, but that is a pretty cool salary anyway.

The same way, sometimes Pitt can get a bump in his pay. For example, when he was part of the cast of Ocean’s Eleven, he would net himself $30 million for performing in the movie!

Not everything is entertainment

Aside from the fortune he makes by appearing in huge films and winning awards, he also expanded his horizons to other territories. Real estate, of course, is a very popular option for the rich and famous, and Pitt is no exception.

Entertainment Times did some research and they found out that Brad Pitt did actually pretty well in the real estate arena. According to the site, “the actor has also made some smart investments worth about $100 million on various real estates. His primary house is in Los Angeles, which he managed to purchase after a string of transactions over the years. The property spans over two acres and includes four homes along with a huge main house measuring around 6,600 sq. ft.” Not bad at all.

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