Investment for beginners

Investment for beginners

One thing beginner investors should be wary of is investing scams. There are many people who want to take advantage of newbies by offering bad or fake advice. Plus, we take a tour on the greatest free financial news providers.


As an amateur investor, there are some specific things you should look for. One of them is a reliable Financial News Provider. This is a source where you can get true information on the market, a certain stock, or an industry. You’ll be able to use it as a guide for your investments in order to get higher returns.

In the investment world, you’ll find a lot of sketchy information and suspicious people. One type of them is the so-called “investing gurus”. They’re people or machines that’ll try to contact amateur investors and get them to invest in a certain stock or fund. Not only can you end up losing your money on a bad deal, but you can also send your money to a completely fake investment straight to the “guru’s” pocket.

If someone offers you a “great deal” or a “full-proof” investment, stay critical. If the price is low, why haven’t other investors paid attention to it? Is it really possible to get a 30% return? Ask yourself these questions before diving into a “fantastic, one-time offer”.

Most times, if the profits are too good to be true, it’s because they are. An investment scam will only work if they catch the eye of potential victims, and what a better way to achieve this than with juicy returns. Try to stick to professional platforms and more down-to-earth possibilities.

Other scammers will try to get your attention by offering some “insider information” that allegedly no one else has. Having unreleased information can boost your returns, which is why nobody will be giving it to random people, especially beginners. There’s usually a catch, probably that’s just fake news.

Lastly, stay away from hard, complicated investments. Even as a newbie, you can start with an investment you know, like an online brokerage account. You shouldn’t trust an offer just because it’s full of big words and numbers that make it look professional. As a beginner, you’ll have time to learn!

You can start with these 12 terms you need to know if you plan on investing.


Whether you’re an experienced or an amateur investor, you’ll know it’s key to get updates on the market. You can do it without spending money in the process with these free platforms!


This provider is the best one for day traders and other people interested in active stock trading. You’ll be able to access the latest upgrades on the economy and on stocks, which can be the key to make a profitable investment. There’s complete coverage on brokers with analysis, charts, and other information sources.

You can personalize your charts and even receive alerts for stocks! If you were looking for advanced portfolio features in a full-synced app, you can get this as well. You simply need to sign up for free and you’ll get these updates on every investment category!

2. Google Finance

Even Google has its own finance news platform! You can check whichever major stock exchange you want, as well as create your own watch lists, without spending a dime. If you want, there’s also the possibility to add your investments to monitor news.

What’s best in this provider is that it’s a “news aggregator”. In other words, they gather information and articles using many different sources and unify them in their news section. This allows you to access the content of more than one investment website at once, which can save you a lot of time.

3. MarketWatch

This platform includes a lot of opinion articles from a wide range of writers, which help if you’re looking for a diversified and broad approach to the financial world. Among the crew of writers, you’ll find not only members of this provider’s staff, but also people in the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) community and others.

You’ll find several market news, as well as in-depth analysis on lots of different areas. You can create a watchlist and learn some insights for retirement. What’s more, there are strategies, charts, and the latest upgrades related to stocks.

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