Real Estate: How can you turn your home into an investment?

Real Estate: How can you turn your home into an investment?

Real estate has always been a place where investors put their money and even nowadays, with an economy that hasn't fully recovered, it might be what you want to do too. Take a look at this guide on how to turn your home into an investment!

Making money while we sleep is everybody’s dream, so if your effort during the last year has made it possible for you to increase your savings, or if you are still out of a job and want to use the money you were paid when you were laid-off to generate an income, investing in your home may be an option to look into.

Owning a home is surely a safe bet, but it has some drawbacks. Depending on the price you pay, the appreciation rate, and other factors, you could end up with negative returns. To avoid this, take these things into consideration:

House hacking

This term means getting tenants to pay for their own living space… and for yours too. One way of house hacking is by living in a home and renting out rooms. This will allow you to choose how many rooms you rent and how often. Ideally, you will cover more than the cost of the rooms you’re renting out.

Another idea is to purchase a multiunit property, so you live in one unit and rent out the other one(s) at a rate that’s high enough to cover the whole mortgage.


If you’ve got home equity, you might be eligible for a line of credit known as HELOC, which is a Home Equity Loan. Banks will give you an amount that is around 70 to 80 percent of your home’s equity. 

This money can be used for different purposes, but it is mainly used to invest in more real estate.

Improve your home

Home improvements won’t pay for themselves, that’s true, but in fact, some renovations in some markets actually will. Typically, bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodels are things that can increase the value of your home.

Engineered or real-wood floors are an important way of adding value to your property.

Buy low, sell high

Finding a good deal in real estate usually takes time and diligence. Properties are usually listed at a higher market value, so you will need to negotiate with the real estate agent to get you a good deal. Sometimes you might find great deals out there, and in that case, you need to be fast enough in order to make sure no one gets it first.


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