4 celebrities who own sports teams

4 celebrities who own sports teams

There are a lot of ways of investing your money. Owning a sports team is just one of them!

When you have millions in the bank, there are basically no limits on the things you could buy. That is why many celebrities have lavish lifestyles. And it is not uncommon for celebrities to mix things they love, like investing money and, say, sports, so they could end up investing in sports teams. Here are  4 celebrities who own sports teams: 

1-    LeBron James – Liverpool FC

We all know LeBron James as a world-famous basketball player, but he is also a huge soccer fan. Specifically, a Liverpool FC fan. Back in 2011, LeBron decided to invest about $6.5 million in the club, which is an approximate 2% stake. Since then, the value of the team has increased, as has the value of LeBron’s stake.

2-    Justin Timberlake – Memphis Grizzlies

Justin is a huge fan of basketball. Born and raised in Tennessee, he combined his love for the sports and his hometown and he became on of the owners of the Memphis Grizzlies. Back in 2012, the team was purchased by Robert Pera for $377 million, and Justin Timberlake was one of the other parties that became minority owners. He invested around $5 million in the team, which is an approximate 2.84% stake.

3-    Michael Jordan – Charlotte Hornets

He is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but since 2006 he has also been a minority investor and assisted in making final decisions of the Charlotte Hornets. As a result, he purchased the whole team in 2010 for $275 million.

4-    Will Smith – Philadelphia 76ers

He decided to invest in the team back in 2011, however it is not certain how much he was. It is well known, though, that he and Jada Pinkett Smith have a minority stake in the team.

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