This is why you should choose 0% APR credit cards

Balance transfer credit cards or 0% APR credit cards are the best choices for some specific situations. Here they are, along with the reasons why you'll be successful if you make good use of these cards.

If you're looking for rewards on big purchases, 0% APR credit cards should be your first choice. Not only will some of them let you pay them off slowly, but you can also receive rewards and sometimes even avoid being charged any interest. If you're only interested in rewards, you should compare these balance transfer cards with other rewards credit cards.

You'll benefit the most from big purchases with these cards because you'll receive more rewards, which are calculated according to the amount that you spend. As some allow you to skip interest payments, the total you'll end up paying will be much lower. You may also reach the needed money to earn a sign-up or welcome bonus.

These cards are also very useful when it comes to paying off debt. If you don't keep spending money, it can be very beneficial to consolidate big amounts of debts with high-interest rates through an 0% APR credit card. As a result, you'll find yourself paying much less money in the long term, due to the lack of interest in the new payments.

Keep in mind that there's the possibility that the card you chose charges a balance transfer fee. In most cases, however, it's much less than what you'd pay without 0% APR on balance transfers. Still, it's important to consider this fee to see what your exact situation is, as well as eventual late fees or over-limit fees.

Another thing to check is how long the 0% APR will last. This changes from card to card, but it's key to know in advance whether your plans to pay off your debt or make a big purchase will be achieved or not. This often depends on how many months you'll profit from a lack of interest.

To conclude, keep in mind that, for everything to go as planned, you'll need to control your spending. You can do this by creating a budget and following it, or optimizing your spending.

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