Small Business Cards can help your company

These credit cards are tailor-made to be used in small business’ expenses, such as company's dinners or business trips. They can be a great ally for your company!

Whether you have a small company with a partner, or you're an entrepreneur, it's recommended that your business expenses are managed separately as your personal life ones. On the other hand, there are some costs that you can't afford with your company's petty cash. 

One of the most common mistakes is to put your savings to cover expenses like travels to a working meeting, customers' gifts, or bureau’s supplies. Don't fall for this and never ask your friends or family for a loan to cover these kinds of costs!

That's when Small Business Credit Cards are really useful. These credit cards have higher spending limits than consumer cards and they usually add some other benefits, like low APRs, more generous reward programs and promotions.

Before applying for a business credit card, you need to check if you’d qualify for it. Some cards have an easy process, while others are more strict. You'll be asked to write down a valid Social Security number and commit to using the card exclusively for business purposes. Some companies may request your federal employer identification number (EIN), seek evidence of incorporation, or ask for financial statements. These are the ones that require good or excellent credit to qualify.

Business credit cards are exempt from some of the protections of the CARD Act, including the requirement that card issuers regularly notify cardholders of changes in terms and conditions. You should take a thorough look at the contract before accepting it. 

There are lots of Small Business Credit Cards to take into consideration. In order to choose one, you can look at the sign-up bonus, the annual fee, the introductory APR, and their benefits, like flight miles, discounts in restaurants and hotels, etc. You should balance all their pros and cons and surely you'll find the best one that’ll help to improve your business.

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