Shopping online? Squeeze your credit card’s benefits!

When you shop online, you’re offered to choose the payment method. While debit cards are an instantaneous way to pay from your bank account, by using a credit card you’ll receive extra benefits. 

Credit cards are the best payment method in online purchases, because they protect you against fraud thanks to the legislation enacted in the FCBA (Fair Credit Billing Act). These rules don't apply to debit cards, so you can lose a lot of money as a victim of a fraudulent transaction.

There are also extra benefits that you can’t get when paying with debit cards. Credit cards usually offer extended warranties, purchase protection and guaranteed return. You can also get some consumer rights, for example, rental car insurance and protections like trip cancellation insurance.

By using credit cards, you’re also building your credit history. All your purchase data is provided to the credit reporting agencies who record your creditworthiness. Buying frequently with credit cards can increase your credit score for the future.

In addition, credit cards offer the chance to earn rewards while you’re spending money. For example, you can collect flight miles and extra points to exchange for merchandising in the future.

If you pay with a credit card, you can also receive sign-up bonuses when you reach minimum spending within a short period of time. Ask your credit card company about this item and keep it in mind when you start a purchase online!

As a final warning, always keep track of your expenses. Credit cards are very easy to use and your costs can easily go over your budget. So, use your credit card wisely and make the most of its benefits!

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