Rewards: What You Need to Know

Credit cards and loyalty programs usually offer a lot of rewards for paying with them. Stay alert to make the most of them! By following these simple strategies, you can rack up a lot of rewards!

Most credit cards offer generous SignUp Bonuses in order to gain more customers. By getting a new credit card, you may be able to earn up to $300 or more in cash back, or an interesting amount of airline miles. During the first months you'll be offered a lot of rewards, but, after this period, it's up to you to seize all the opportunities. 

1. Pick the right card

If you have more than one credit card, use the right one for each purchase. Some offer bonus points for groceries, while others focus their promotions on fuel and gas charges. In the same way, before paying for dinner or at the pharmacy, check if any of your cards apply to give you extra points for these expenses.

2. Expand your expenses with credit cards 

Credit cards are not only used to pay at line cashier or at online purchases. You can also charge your current bills to your credit card, so you’ll end up covering more expenses with it. This way, you may earn a lot of bonus points or rewards simply because you're adding your health insurance, daycare, or any other current expense to the credit card. 

3. Use the Offers!

If you own American Express or Chase, you can make good use of their offers. You only have to sign up in Amer-Offers and Chase Offers and get additional rewards or cashback with specific purchases within a predetermined term. This promotion also applies to some shopping centers, hotel chains and certain airlines.

4. Sign up in shopping portals and dining programs

When you buy your airline ticket online, you can access portals with interesting benefits.  American AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles, and Southwest Rapid Rewards let you earn additional airline miles for each dollar you spend. All you have to do is "click-through" your favorite portal before you shop. You may even earn additional rewards when you dine at restaurants that participate in these loyalty programs.

5. Sign up for free!

You don't need a credit card to get a membership in loyalty programs. There are plenty of companies that offer this option in order to expand their customer base. If you’re a frequent traveler, a regular customer at a restaurant, or if you usually buy your clothes in a specific store, ask for loyalty programs. You can join these for free and you can pile rewards that'll help you to save a lot of money!


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