Pay off your credit card debt using a personal loan

Pay off your credit card debt using a personal loan

If you are currently struggling with credit card debt and want to pay it off for good, a personal loan might be a good option, but here are some tips to get it right. Let's talk about they way you can pay off your credit car debt using a personal loan. 

Once you have decided to put in order your credit card spending and have got yourself on a working budget, follow these steps to use a personal loan to pay off your debts.

Use a personal loan to pay off your debts!

1. Check your current debts and interest rates

Create a list of every credit card you have with its balance, interest rate, and minimum monthly payment. This tells you what you need to pay off, the total minimum payments you have each month, total balances across all cards, and other useful information you'll need later on.

2. Look for balance transfer options at a lower rate

When paying off one loan with another, there is one hard rule you should never break. Only transfer a balance to a loan or credit card with a lower interest rate. As long as you do that, you should end up saving money in the long run

3. Immediately pay off your debt with loan proceeds

As soon as the funds clear, pay off every single credit card in full. Use your bank's online bill pay, send a check, or pay at your credit card website. It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you pay them off quickly to stop new interest charges. 

4. Start a debt freedom schedule

This type of debt consolidation has three major benefits:

•  Only one monthly payment
•  Lower interest costs
•  Debt freedom date locked in

Once you pay off your loan, you may find yourself completely debt-free. If you have any student loans, auto loans, or mortgage loans, at least your highest interest debt should be taken care of. Take advantage of this situation to avoid getting back into debt.

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